Attack on Sit-in: BCL cadre swoop on protesters

BCL cader swoop on protesters

Bangladesh Chhatra League men yesterday attacked dozens of capital of Bangladesh University students who were demonstrating ahead of the vice-chancellor’s workplace to ram home a four-point demand, together with expulsion of some BCL leaders for “harassing” feminine students many days agone.

At least fifty students and 2 campus-based journalists were hurt within the second such attack by the pro-Awami League student body in barely eight days.

BCL General Secretary SM Jakir Hossain and its DU unit President Abid Al Hasan LED the attack to “rescue” DU VC professor Akhtaruzzaman, who was confined for around associate degree hour ahead of his workplace at the Registrar Building, demonstrators aforesaid.

Of the hurt, twenty four took treatment at capital of Bangladesh Medical faculty Hospital. One sustained brain injuries whereas 3 to four may need to be admitted there, aforesaid Sanaul Hoque Sarker, a doctor at the DMCH.

Leaders and activists of the pro-Awami League student front ill-treated a bunch of scholars, who were demonstrating to ram home a four-point demand. Photo: Amran Hossain
Several hundred BCL activists from most hall units and from alternative establishments took half within the attack, interference all 3 gates of the building and beating up students randomly with iron rods, cricket stumps and sticks, witnesses aforesaid.

Female BCL activists were seen beating up feminine students in several rooms.

“They enclosed North American nation and attacked North American nation from all sides while not giving North American nation any scope to talk,” aforesaid Tajwar Mahmid Thailand, a next-to-last student of mass communication and journalism.

However, BCL President Saifur Rahman Sohag denied that they swooped on provoking students.

“On the contrary, the demonstrators attacked North American nation once we visited rescue the vice-chancellor,” he told a press making known last night at the Madhur Canteen.

The BCL additionally aforesaid leaders of various left-leaning organisations attacked them and troubled a number of their feminine students.

In a announcement, the DU authorities additionally goddamn the agitators for the episode, spoken communication some “violent students and outsiders” enclosed the VC’s workplace.

On January eleven, students from totally different departments launched a protest, tightened that the DU cancel affiliation of seven faculties with it.

Four days later, as a part of their agitation, around a hundred students staged a civil disobedience before the VC’s workplace. however BCL men discomfited their demo, allegedly once the VC referred to as within the BCL men.

Leaders and activists of the pro-Awami League student front ill-treated a bunch of scholars, who were demonstrating to ram home a four-point demand. Photo: Amran Hossain
They troubled the feminine students and ill-treated Moshiur Rahman Sadik, organiser of the protest. Later, the BCL men two-handed Sadik over to the university authorities who after two-handed him over to the police.

On January seventeen, students beneath the banner of “Students against repression” started a recent protest, tightened penalization of the BCL men for the assault.

That day the provoking students stony-broke down a gate of the humanities Building and unbroken the proctor confined within his workplace for four hours. Later, the VC assured them of meeting their demands and shaped a committee to analyze the January fifteen incident.

The next day, the university authorities filed a case against fifty unidentified students for breaking down the gate and shaped a committee to probe the incident, fuelling the protest.

Yesterday, the scholars 1st shaped a person’s chain on the bottom of Aparajeyo Bangla and so brought out a procession on the field to ram home their four-point demand — penalization of BCL men for the January fifteen incident, withdrawal of the case, removal of the proctor for his alleged anti-student stance and solve the crisis over the affiliation of seven faculties.

Around 12:00pm, they enclosed the VC’s workplace once breaking down 3 gates — the most entrance of the Registrar Building and 2 others within. The VC was holding a gathering within.

They wished the VC to assure them of taking steps to satisfy their demands.

But as he was exploit his workplace around 2:30pm while not rebuke the scholars, the protestors blocked his approach, and placed their demands.

Leaders and activists of the pro-Awami League student front ill-treated a bunch of scholars, who were demonstrating to ram home a four-point demand. Photo: Amran Hossain
The VC then assured them of taking action relating to the January fifteen assault following due process of law, and aforesaid it might take time.

“All our activities are conducted as per the University Ordinance of 1973. there’ll be no deviation from the rule of law,” he said.

The students insisted that the case be withdrawn and Proctor professor AKM Golam Rabbani removed straight off. however the VC failed to create any clear statement, and unbroken spoken communication constant issue. the scholars unbroken him confined there.

Then around 3:30pm, some a hundred BCL leaders and activists LED by Jakir and Abid came there.

As they tried to escort the VC away, a scuffle stony-broke out between them and also the provoking students.

The BCL men, however, managed to require the VC within his workplace and fast the gate of his space from outside.

In the meanwhile, many hundred BCL activists from totally different halls, and even from capital of Bangladesh faculty and capital of Bangladesh town units, joined in and took position round the building.

As the agitators unbroken attempting to urge to bear with the VC, the BCL men launched the attack on them. Some students took shelter in many rooms in worry.

Chhatra League leaders and activists facilitate capital of Bangladesh University Vice-Chancellor professor Md Akhtaruzzaman, left, come back to his workplace around 3:30pm yesterday once he was enclosed by a bunch of protesters. Photo: Amran Hossain
The agitators tried to go away the building, however the Chhatra League men caught them and beat them where they found, exploit several wounded.

Two correspondents of this newspaper were gift there.

Female Chhatra League activists, LED by Fazilatunnesa Mujib Hall unit President Benjeer Hossain Nishi, Ruqiayyah Hall unit President BM Lipi Akter, Kuwait Moitri Hall unit President BM Farida Parvin and General Secretary Srabony Shaila were seen beating up feminine students and tearing up their dresses.

“They beat North American nation unmercifully, no matter gender,” aforesaid Meherunnahar Meghla, a student who became unconscious throughout the attack.

As the BCL activists enclosed the whole space, the protesters, particularly feminine ones, couldn’t leave the world and got crushed up.

The hurt students embrace Masud Al Mahdi, Sezan Ahmed Jim, Abu Raihan, Sumaiya Arefin Orni, Anobik Onabil and Tunazeena Jahan.

Chhatra Union General Secretary Liton Nandi, Chhatra Union President of DU unit Tuhin Kanti Das, and Chhatra Federation President of DU unit Umme Habiba Benazir additionally suffered injuries.

Two DU Correspondents — Mir Arshadul Haque of The freelance and Arifur Rahman of latest Age — were crushed up by BCL men of Jagganath Hall and Bangabandhu Hall. the 2 were covering the incident.

Of them, Arshadul was admitted to DMCH with crucial condition. Arifur took treatment at the DU Medical Centre.

Contacted for comment, VC’s personal assistant picked up the decision double, saying, “Sir is in a crucial meeting.”

Talking to the reporters once the incident, DU Proctor AKM Golam Rabbani aforesaid, “We can sure guarantee penalization for the perpetrators supported proof. nobody are spared.”

Agitating students tries to interrupt open a gate to the VC’s workplace. Photo: Amran Hossain

DU announcement
In a announcement, the DU authorities aforesaid some provoking students of the university and a few outsiders launched a pre-planned attack within the name of demonstration.

Demonstrators, together with some outsiders, took position ahead of VC’s workplace around 12:00pm, breaking down 3 gates with rods and cutters. They additionally musical offensive slogans concerning the vice-chancellor, proctor and alternative academics, it said.

Members of the proctorial team asked the agitators to send a delegation to the VC to debate the problem however they failed to pay any heed, and continued their violent activities, obstructing tutorial and body activities of the university, the discharge more.

At one stage, the provoking students barred the VC from connexion a gathering of Board of Advanced Studies ahead of his workplace.

“VC professor Akhtaruzzman listened to their demands and warranted them of taking steps once inquisitory the incident and following due procedures, however the demonstrators rejected his assurance and continued hurling abusive words,” it said.

“A cluster of academics, university workers, officers and members of the proctorial body then saved the VC from there by forming a person’s defend and took him to his workplace, once the protestors swooped on him.”

Terming the incident “pre-planned”, the authorities sought-after facilitate from academics, students and journalists.

The university authorities additionally shaped a five-member committee to analyze the incident.

The committee, headed by DU financial officer professor Kamal Uddin, was asked to submit its report as shortly as potential.

BCL announcement
In a announcement, the BCL alleged that leaders of various left-leaning students’ organisation attacked them and troubled a number of their feminine leaders after they visited escort the VC, exploit some their leaders hurt.

They additionally placed a five-point demand, together with suspension of the scholars from the university, who stony-broke the gate and “attacked the VC,” and penalization of these who needs to make instability on the field.

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